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2015 GIGS

March 21st   Duchally Hotel Auchterarder   9.00pm

April 11th   Lade Inn Callander   8.30pm

May 5th  Private function

May 8th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

May 24th  Duchally Hotel Auchterarder  9.00pm (Sunday)

May 29th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

June 26th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

July 10th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

August 28th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

September 25th  Lade Inn Callander  8.30pm

October 24th  Duchally Hotel Auchterarder  9.00pm

November 29th  Duchally Hotel Auchterarder  9.00pm

December 24th  Duchally Hotel Auchterarder  9.00pm

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The Solo Album
"Only Time Can Tell"  
Some background to the self-penned songs on the album.

Let Freedom Reign

Back in June 2004 I was watching the TV news and the first item showed NATO leaders holding a summit meeting in Turkey. During that meeting, President Bush was handed a note saying that sovereignty had been restored in Iraq. He wrote the words "Let Freedom Reign" on the piece of paper and handed it on. The following clip showed the leaders and their wives laughing and joking while enjoying a champagne cocktail dinner party. The next item of news reported that a 19 year soldier, Gordon Gentles from Glasgow, had been killed in Iraq. At that moment, the unfairness of it all struck me deeply and the song began to materialise. The following year, right on our doorstep here in Blackford, Gleneagles hosted the G8 summit. So much was promised to help "Make Poverty History". Again I was touched by the unfairness of it all … leaders signing agreements, shaking hands and holding photo calls for the World's media at their five star luxury hotel and starving people in some remote far off land with nothing at all. Make our world a better place for all … "maybe one day this will happen"
Do They Know 

Like so much of rural Scotland, there have been many changes to the local landscape in recent years. I'm concerned that as the wonderful scenery and open spaces become cluttered with developments, the natural beauty of these areas will be eroded away. The worry is that more and more windfarms will just appear as less and less controls are enforced because green is seen as clean! 200 feet steel turbines springing up everywhere around us is not my vision of a better and environmentally friendly place to belong! Of course we must do more to preserve our environment but just who and where are the people who reap the huge financial benefits of these massive developments? We are in danger of destroying the precious landscape that we're trying to protect!


The village of Doune is where I was born and brought up. I have wonderful memories of my home life and the people and places of the village. Some of these which come to mind are the old primary school, Kilmadock Church and hall, Dr.Finlay's Casebook, Shops - Danny's, Calders and  McClures sweeties, cubs and scouts, putting in Moray Park, the pitty yard, gasworks and much more!  (maybe a book is the next project!) My dear mum still lives in the house where I was born on Christmas Eve nineteen hundred and some time ago!! Only Time Can Tell A song of feelings on how time links us together.   

Ten Tae One 

I stumbled across this story about a Dunblane serving maid and Bonnie Prince Charlie and was intrigued with her support for the Young Pretender by her warning to him "Though hundred's follow at your word, there's ten tae one against you"!  Although the authenticity of this story may be questioned, one thing is real. Unknown to me at the time and only discovered some time afterwards, I actually wrote the song on the eve of the 260th anniversary of the battle at Prestonpans and this is the story!

"Prince Charlie and the Dunblane serving girl" 
There is the story of the serving girl in Dunblane who spent the whole night watching over Prince Charles and polishing his boots as he lay asleep in Balhaldie House on his way south with his Highlanders in 1745. As he awoke in the morning he stretched out his hand in a princely gesture to the girl, but she, overcome with emotion, kissed his boots instead and with tears streaming down her cheeks cried out, “Oh my Prince, my Prince, but there’s ten to one against you.”  The whole incident seems inherently unlikely but there is no doubt that the Prince did command intense devotion from his followers, especially his female followers. After the retreat from Derby the Prince’s army moved north followed by the Duke of Cumberland. The Duke stayed at Dunblane for the night of February 4th 1746. Next morning as he rode down Millrow in Dunblane on his grey charger a young girl appeared at the window of an old mansion house. In her hand was a pail of boiling water which she flung down upon horse and rider. It missed the Duke but struck his horse which reared up in fright and pain throwing the Duke to the ground. He was not badly hurt and was later able to make his way north. His soldiers rushed into the house but by this time the girl had left from the back and entered the underground culvert which carried the Minnie Burn beneath the town to the Allan Water. Here she finally emerged and made her escape. She is later reputed to have married a local farmer. But then she would, wouldn’t she? There is an even more unlikely twist to the tale. Some months later a male child was born. He was named James Steuart and in due course became Minister of Anderson Relief Church in Glasgow. He was believed to be of royal descent, which rather flattering rumour he never bothered to deny. His congregation even presented him with a pulpit beautifully carved with Jacobite roses. It has to be said that all the historical evidence is that, particularly at that time in his career, the Prince was far more concerned with gaining a throne than with more amorous pursuits. But if he should have felt the need for a little feminine company in Dunblane that night, the serving girl was certainly in the right place at the right time.
    Voice of Holyrood 

In this current economic climate of doom and gloom, I'm excited that Scotland has it's own parliament again so that all parties can have their say in making our Nation a better place for everyone to live, work, belong … and proud to be part of.  

Come Away 

I feel so privileged to be able to sing and play music I love and feel passionately about. Music and song helps to bring so many people together … 

Stop the Trains  

In the 1960's Blackford, like so many other rural villages in Scotland, had a railway station. Trains still trundle through the village but never stop! 40 years on, a local group, COBRA (campaign to open Blackford Railway station again) is campaigning strongly to have our station re-opened. I hope the song helps to bring more public awareness to their great efforts. I've included the song lyrics below! 
"Stop the Trains" 
(chorus)Stop the trains, here once againThe time has come, so much to gainStep on board, we'll journey farOn the line, that's where we are  The past will be the futureWhen trains will stop once moreAnd Blackford has it's stationFar places to exploreAcross this great old countryFrom north and south they'll runA new beginning has begun  The times they are a changingThe wheels of progress turnAnd steel tracks point the way aheadEmbark from this platformAnd people of the villageWill see a dream come trueWhen our station will re-openAnd old days become new  Words and music written by Sandy MarshallCopyright Sannocksongs 2008 All rights reserved        Edit Text


Sannock - The Songs
Traditional and contemporay folk songs with favourites such as "Killiecrankie" and "Wild Mountain Thyme" to Dougie McLean's "Feel So Near" and "Ready For The Storm" .... a great range of classic songs performed with passion and panache! Also included in Sannock's song lists are self-penned and material written by Cat Stevens, John Denver, Harry Chapin and Simon and Garfunkel ... to name but a few!

Sannock -The self-penned songs

"Do They Know"
"Ten Tae One""Only Time Can Tell""Maybe One Fine Day""Crieff Drover's Tryst""Peace Roots""Voice Of Holyrood""Tullibardine""So Much To See""Bonnie Doune""Songland""Heart Of The People""Old Country""Tarneybackle""Building Bridges"

"Let Freedom Reign"

"Come Away With Me"

"Stop the Trains"

Sannock - The Popular and Favourites

                   and regularly performed at my solo gigs include


Wild Mountain Thyme
Twa Recruitin' Sairgeants
Loch Tay Boat Song
Bonnie Dundee
The Rose Of Allandale
Mingulay Boat Song
Feel So Near
Johnnie Cope
Ye Banks and Braes
Busk, Busk
Tramps and Hawkers

Irish Rover

Tell Me Ma
A Scottish Holiday
I'm a Rover

Broom of the Cowdenknowes

Black Velvet Band

Leaving of Liverpool
Isle of Eigg

Sam The Skull
No Mans Land
Skye Boat Song
Ae Fond Kiss
Ye Jacobites
The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie
Loch Lomond

Aye Waukin' O

All for me Grog
I will Go
McPherson's Rant
Ca' the Yowes

Annie's Song
Whiskey in the Jar
Road and the Miles Tae Dundee
The Roses of Prince Charlie
Flower of Scotland
Westering Home
The Rattling Bog

Country Roads
In Kirkintilloch
Ar Fol Lol Lol O
Dark Island
Goodnight and Joy
Doon in the Wee Room
Ready for the Storm
Haughs O' Cromdale
Mairi's Wedding

Yellow on the Broom
The Portree Kid
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet
Wild Rover
Sound the Pibroch
Turning Away
The Freedom Come A' Ye
Maids When You're Young

Gallowa' Hills
Broom O' the Cowdenknowe
Both Sides the Tweed
Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie
A Man's a Man
Awa' Whigs Awa
Maids when you're Young

and many more ...



Sannock ... The Scottish Songster



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